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Changes at LongviewNET

LongviewNET Merging With DigitalBG

I have been providing website development, maintenance, and information technology for over 20 years as “Solutions by Jim Null” which later became “LongviewNET”.   We combined the name of the city we were living in, Longview, Texas, with Internet to make the name LongviewNET.  

During this same time we have served as full time missionaries with several different mission organizations where I also provided web and information technology services.

In November I stepped down from the Global CHE Network as their Technology Facilitator (CHE = community health evangelism).
This email comes to you to announce that on January 1, 2021 LongviewNET will have merged with DigitalBG (www.digitalbg.com).  DigitalBG is a web services company based here in Cincinnati, and owned by Doug Landers (email: doug@digitalbg.com). 
For the past two years Phyllis and I have been praying and searching for someone to take over LongviewNET.  We wanted someone with a Biblical mind and heart, someone who understood the needs of non-profit ministries, churches and missions and businesses especially small businesses, and someone with a high level of skill that is surpassed by a high level of integrity.  God has brought to us Doug for this purpose and we rejoice at this provision and answer to our prayers.

Why This Change

Phyllis and I have been serving as urban missionaries in the Village of Lockland, OH for the past 4 years. This is where we live and where we serve through the Metanoia Center as Co-Directors.  In 2020 the Lord has rapidly expanded our ministry capabilities by providing two buildings in miraculous ways.   In order for us to serve more effectively we’ve decided we need to take some things off of our plate so that we can focus 100% on the Metanoia Center (www.metanoiacenter.net).   Thus, stepping down from the Global CHE Network this past November and now merging LongviewNET with DigitalBG.

What Does This Mean

Effective with January 1, 2021 all your needs will be taken care of by Doug.   You can forward those email requests directly to his email address doug@digitalbg.com for his handling.  Any invoicing, starting with invoices in 2021, will begin to be handled by DigitalBG for all your services previously through LongviewNET.   (NOTE: if you have not paid your most recent invoice, or a December invoice,  please pay according to the information/address on that invoice to LongviewNET).

Transition Time

I have committed to Doug that I will be here should he, and you, need me to ensure an easy transition for you and your web services. That way if he gets stuck on something, he can call on me to work with him to take care of it.  Doug is an expert and highly skilled so him “getting stuck on something” would come as a big surprise to me.

In Closing

I want to thank each of you for expanding our ministry capability and for the partnership we have had.  I have had the pleasure of providing web site help to several of you for nearly 15 years!  Thank you for the trust and confidence you have placed in me for this task.  Thank you for the friendships we have developed over the years.   Please keep up with us as we see God grow up the Metanoia Center by visiting https://metanoiacenter.net/contactus.php and joining our email mailing list.


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